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International Results
Date printed: 2018-02-20
1PAN002  Apsra Panchoo (South Africa)202017301400017
2BAR001  Carmela Ann Barnes (South Africa)202016411300016
3JAC007  Marina Jacobs (South Africa)202016411000016
4TOE001  soraya Toefy (South Africa)20201640900016
5ROS005  Nicola Rossouw (South Africa)202014601700014
6WHI014  Shelley White (England)18171080701010
7BET002  Julia Betteridge (England)181899080009
8WAT002  Amanda Watson (England)171698091109
9GLA002  Nicola Glass (England)171798071009
10KIN005  Kath King (England)1717890120008
11lea005  Jenny Leavens (England)131376060007
12CHA018  Elisa Chambers (Swaziland)2020614090006
13DLA009  Mpumie Dlamini (Swaziland)1514510040015
14FAK001  Fezile Fakudze (Swaziland)2019416090014
15DLA008  Thabsile Dlamini (Swaziland)2020218080002
16MBO001  Lungile Mbonambi (Swaziland)2020218060002
17FAK002  Angel Fakudze (Swaziland)5505000000
1MAR056  Joan Marminya (Catalunya Spain)454537811620037
2cor020  Roman Temporal (Catalunya Spain)454536932610036
3MOR002  Wetsi Morake (South Africa)4545351093200035
4GOV013  Yulan Govender (South Africa)4545341182730034
5CUB001  Lluis Cubero (Catalunya Spain)4545341132120034
6AND005  David Anderson (South Africa)4545331273330033
7KLA001  Anton Klanfar (South Africa)4545321382700032
8CAR008  David Carrie (Ireland)4545321382720032
9STE020  Lee Stevenson (England)4545321362400032
10NAY001  Shervin Nayagar (South Africa)4545311452420031
11FEE001  Darren Feehan (Ireland)4545311421520031
12PIP001  Mike Piper (England)4545301543010030
13WEI003  Rab Weir (England)4545301532420030
14FIN002  Aidan Finch (England)4545291622520029
15REY012  Quim Reyes (Catalunya Spain)4545271822330027
16MAS045  Sergio Mas (Catalunya Spain)4545261922830026
17OMA002  Ibrahim Omarjee (Reunion ARABAS)4545261922720026
18WAL013  Alan Wall (England)4545261912720026
19SHE004  Aarron Sheridan (Ireland)4040241631830024
20CHA017  MickaĆ«l Chane-Sam (Reunion)4544242112131024
21NXU001  Dennis Nxumalo (Swaziland)4545242111730024
22PAY002  David Payet (Reunion ARABAS)4545222332210022
23KER003  Allan Kerbrat (Reunion)4545222311430022
24GRO021  Thiery Grondin (Reunion ARABAS)4545222302930022
25GRO020  Damien Grondin (Reunion ARABAS)4545212432430021
26GLA001  Trevor Glass (Ireland)3939211821910021
27IMA001  Joel Imaho (Reunion)4545212412420021
28ROG002  Bertrand Roger (Reunion)4544212402431021
29OBA001  Martins Abada (Nigeria)4545212402310021
30AKI003  Omary Akida (Tanzania)4544212402010121
31SEV002  Mathieu Severin (Reunion ARABAS)4545202522530020
32OMA003  Irshad Omar (Malawi)4545202502220020
33STH001  Dodge Sthembiso (Swaziland)4545202502020020
34NXU002  Flag Nxumalo (Swaziland)4545182712640018
35KAJ001  Rahimu Kajuna (Tanzania)4545182712030018
36DLA002  Sikhatsi Dlamini (Swaziland)4545182702110018
37OMA001  Abdul Omar (Malawi)4545172812720017
38MAT035  Kajabu Matumla (Tanzania)4544172802320117
39ASS002  Nazir Assanjee (Reunion)4545162912920016
40DLA007  Christopher Dlamini (Swaziland)4545162902400016
41NJI001  Enock Njiwa (Malawi)4545162902010016
42KAN005  Nyenga Kansonkho (Malawi)4545153002510015
43POO002  David Poole (Ireland)3737132431630013
44ODU001  Jide Odulana (Nigeria)4545133201830013
45SAU006  Vegas Saulds (Malawi)4545103511530010
46ROB023  Mgassa Robert (Tanzania)4545103511340010
47AKI002  Chidozie Akiti (Nigeria)4545103501320010
48IGB001  Scott Igbene (Nigeria)45459360143009
49ALA001  Ayodeji Alawemo (Nigeria)45458370171008
50NOL002  Michael Nolan (Ireland)6651120005
51JUM002  Hamudi Jumanne (Tanzania)45455400142005
52COL008  Darren Cole (Ireland)131358060005
Under 23 A
1CAR008  David Carrie (Ireland)303022841320022
2NOL002  Michael Nolan (Ireland)303022831620022
3HAS003  Adam Hassen (South Africa U23)303022811700022
4SHE004  Aarron Sheridan (Ireland)303022801200022
5MAD009  Sandile Madlala (South Africa U23)303021931800021
6HOR011  Kirwan Horsemend (South Africa U23)3030181232100018
7NOR001  Abraar Norkie (South Africa U23)3030181221410018
8FEE001  Darren Feehan (Ireland)3030171311710017
9COL008  Darren Cole (Ireland)3030171301700017
10MAD001  Eric Maddocks (South Africa U18)3030151511810015
11HAL001  Richard Halliday (South Africa U18)3030151501130015
12ERA004  Herbie Erasmus (South Africa U23)3030141601500014
13NAI024  Justin Naidoo (South Africa U18)3030121801800012
14HAL004  Vincent (Jnr) Halliday (South Africa U18)3030111911620011
15MIN002  Eldon Nathan Meniers (South Africa U18)3030111911300011
16HLO002  Muzi Hlophe (Swaziland)3030111901250011
17HLA003  Zweli Hlatshwayo (Swaziland)3030102001100010
18MAG011  Sibusiso Magagula (Swaziland)30308220142008
19HLA004  Mancoba Hlatshwayo (Swaziland)30307230140007
20MAL018  Andile Malambe (Swaziland)30307230131007
1BRO002  Alan David Broude (South Africa)202016401600016
2MOO030  Selvin Moodley (South Africa)20201640800016
3BAS001  Shaheed Basadien (South Africa)20201552910015
4NAI027  Sagie Jico Naidoo (South Africa)202014621400014
5STE020  Lee Stevenson (England)202014621020014
6LEW004  Malcolm Lewis (England)202012801210012
7LAY001  Mark Layton (England)20201190900011
8BET003  Graham Betteridge (England)202010100700010
9PIL025  Pulandharan Richard Pillay (South Africa)20209112120009
10WEI003  Rab Weir (England)2020911071009
11MNC002  Alpheous Mncina (Swaziland)2020713080007
12DAS006  Romeo Da Silva (Swaziland)20206140101006
13LAN011  Sicelo Langwenya (Swaziland)2020614090006
14NXU003  Hamilton Nxumalo (Swaziland)2020317092003
15DLA010  Vincent Dlamini (Swaziland)1515114090001
16VIL008  Kenneth Vilakati (Swaziland)5514010001
Most Break and Whitewashes/Dish (9 - Wetsi Morake) Most Wins with breaking (26 - Wetsi Morake)
Most Wins without breaking (25 - Joan Marminya) Most Lags (33 - David Anderson)
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